Amsterdam Eco Bike Tour

Amsterdam Eco Bike Tour
From EUR €75.00
  • Duration: 6 Hours (approx.)

Amsterdam is a city of water, built on water. The impact of climate change and battling against water and the sea is at the heart of Dutch existence.

This tour explores the issues of Amsterdam’s environment, water management and what the city is doing to reduce pollution and carbon emissions.

Since 2009 Amsterdam has become a laboratory of green eco-friendly projects. Local Government has set targets of reducing emissions. 

This green friendly Amsterdam Bike Tour (6 hours) takes you across the city to inform and update visitors on Amsterdam’s ambitious targets. Some of the issues covered include:
- wind generated power,
- water management,
- energy saving government buildings,
- small and large business enterprises that are reducing carbon emissions,
- waste management. 

The tour includes a lunch in one of Amsterdam's green spaces (weather permitting).

This tour includes:
- guide
- bike hire
- lunch and drink